Successful Negotiation — Plan and Prepare Your Strategy


Business negotiation is a vital skill that every professional needs to master.  The first step is preparing a negotiating plan so:  you know what you want, know how to get the most you can, and you know how (and when ) to walk away when you can’t.

The GOBLINS Guide to Negotiation is a step-by-step framework for professional negotiators. You’ll start by setting goals and your bottom line – that’s your strategic plan. Next we figure out exactly what you’re going to ask for – and which tactics you are going to use to get them. You’ll finish up by deciding what kind of relationship you want with the person across the table – a long-term strategic partnership, a one-off transaction, or something in between.

The GOBLINS Guide to Negotiation is a comprehensive plan that puts you in control of the deal you end up with. Some negotiation books only teach you to use highly aggressive tactics to manipulate your opponent.    Sure, we do that too – if that’s the way you want to go.  The difference is that we help you determine which negotiating style is best for you, and then build an authentic strategy and tactical roadmap.  This is a PRACTICAL course, with tools and templates that you can start putting into action immediately.


Information you will get:

  • Participants will master the planning and preparation process of business negotiation. This includes building a negotiating strategy, a a tactical plan and a relationship guide.


  • General business knowledge is required, but there is no specific prerequisite or requirement.

This course is for:

  • This is an ideal course for professionals who are engaged in business negotiation. It’s designed for managers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers — especially those involved in services.