Avoid Going Broke: Automated Real Estate Analysis



  • Do you want to invest in income producing real estate but don’t want to miscalculate in making your purchase decision?
  • Do you want to know how to properly plan your real estate investment BEFORE you commit, not plan as you go?
  • Are you intimidated by the body of knowledge (concepts and techniques) that first must be mastered before you can even begin the investment analysis?
  • Do you worry that you can’t tell if a property’s current market value might be in a dangerous bubble?
  • Do you want to save hundreds if not thousands in real estate appraisal fees?
  • Do you want to learn how to turbocharged your real estate investing?
  • Do you want to uncover hidden risks that real estate appraisers won’t tell you.
  • Do you want to learn if your property’s sale price is a time bomb.
  • Do you want to learn how to avoid the 5 major mistakes in investing in real estate.

If these are your concerns and you want the best and newest real estate investment analysis technology for maximum investment profits and safety, then this course if for you.

Once you use this newly introduced investment analysis solution as a learning tool, you can analyze and plan with confidence any property from around the globe. Yes, the learning tool works in all international currencies.


This course allows the student FREE use the very latest automated investment analysis suite of tools. These tools combine the complicated “must have” concepts and techniques into an overall automated investment analysis providing the student a hands-on experience.

  • All other courses, formal academic, professional or continuing education must first teach you how to construct financial models and tools before you can begin your investment analysis.
  • These tools, the other courses must teach you first, include mastery of spreadsheet software; discounted cash flow (DCF) construction for each property type based on generally accepted valuation standards, property condition, and stage of occupancy (or stage of sales for subdivision properties); populating DCF individual cells with complicated formulas; understanding and how to apply the time value of money formulas within the DCF models; and how to build separate financial feasibility DCF models for development and remodeling proposed projects, etc.
  • Also, in these other courses, you must learn and master these tools for each of the 13 property classifications (residential, office, industrial, retail, hospitality, etc.) and the 320 property types within these classifications. In addition, the models have to take into consideration one of the five levels of an existing property’s current physical development and occupancy.
  • This involves over 1,600+ different DCF financial model scenarios.
  • My course lets you bypass all the upfront tool building process and lets you concentrate on a hands-on investment analysis that speeds up the learning process and the results you are seeking. 
  • In this course you will have a 60 day free access to the cloud based Valuexpose software. This software was created from years of collaboration between professional designated appraisers, real estate market participants, and other valuation experts at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • This new recently introduced software was designed and created as a solution for market participants to never be fooled by real estate bubbles again. This software is so unique that it has 23 pending patents for professional investment analysis and as a early warning solution to devastating real estate bubble formations and their inevitable bursting. 
  • This software will be used for two purposes. The first is a training guide so you can see all investment analysis concepts and fundamentals as they occur in real world situations. Second, you can practice with the software to analyze your own properties.
  • To use the software, simply answer seven questions about your property type. The software will produce appropriate due diligence questions for you to answer about your specific property type and condition. Use these questions as a checklist for you or any other knowledgeable person to answer. The checklist questions are versatile and can be filled out  in “rough estimates” or “highly detailed” answers.
  • Upon completion of answering the questions, the software automatically knows which DCF models to use of the 1600 possible combinations. It populates your answers into the appropriate models and instantly performs all the complex investment analysis “heavy lifting”. Upon completion, Valuexpose produces an easy to read entire investment analysis and gives you the valuation results to the answers you seek.
  • This software allows even the beginning student to bypass the months, if not years of education and experience needed to competently build complex financial models in order to get the results Valuepose produces.
  • As Steve Job famously would say at the end of his presentations, “and one more thing….”. Valuexpose also has “one more thing” that is one of the most exciting features of this software.  No matter what your property’s current market value might be after you have finished your investment analysis, Valuexpose has an automatic value sustainability feature that alerts you if this value is sustainable during your expected ownership holding period.
  • Taking this course gives you a 60 day free access and use to Valuexpose software. After the 60 days, student’s of this course will receive discount coupons if you want to use Valuexpose periodically or permanently.


  • In your Valuexpose account, mimic how the Case Study No. 1 answers the seven questions in the decision tree to obtain the necessary questions (key considerations and market derived assumptions) that must be answered for your specific property type.
  • Simply copy these key considerations and assumptions answers exactly as they appear in the case study into your own Valuexpose project and when finished press the “Finish” button (takes 15 minutes).
  • Valuexpose will automatically perform all the complete investment analysis “heavy lifting” displaying on your computer (or any hand held device) the results on a single screen.
  • That’s it! Now you just need to follow along and copy how the case study makes various changes to the key considerations and market derived assumptions. These change demonstrate all the scenarios that you would encounter in real world situations (takes about 30 minutes to view).
  • This process allows you to bypass the complex concepts and techniques body of knowledge because all this knowledge is built in to the construction and the linking of the applicable investment analysis models.
  • And one more thing. No matter what you think your property’s current market value might be, Valuexpose will automatically alert you if this value is sustainable or not over a typical ownership holding period.
  • Conversely, it will also indicate if the property’s current market value is an awesome buying or lending opportunity.
  • This new investment analysis technique arose out the bubble crash in the mid 2000’s. In our new global economy, it is now easy to be fooled by your property’s current market value no matter how well supported by:
  1. licensed appraisers opinions,
  2. comparable sales,
  3. 10 back-up offers,
  4. brokers assurances, etc.
  5. Sound familiar?
  • It is now imperative for buyers and lenders to know in advance, before you buy or lend, if the current asking price or current market value has detached above its current fundamental value. This analysis will indicate if this property’s current market value has  entered a dangerous unsustainable bubble. This patent pending sustainability technique cannot be found in any financial analysis courses. This same sustainable technique also points out if your property’s current market or listing price is below its current fundamental value. This situation would indicate an awesome buying or lending opportunity.
  • If you follow the same instructions for the other three case studies, you will be able to perform the same sophisticated investment analysis professional appraiser’s, developers, investors and analysts perform on complex property’s.
  • Oh, and one last thing. You will be able to print out a complete report that indicates all your finished investment graphic results. This report will explain and interpret your results to your partners, lenders, appraisers, tax assessment board, accountants and clients.


Information you will get:

  • Perform automated financial feasibility reports for development or remodeling projects
  • Identify if your property’s current market value is in a dangerous bubble and is not sustainable
  • Create automated complex investment analyse and reports comparable to valuation experts and professional investors
  • Make very wise decisions on purchasing investment real estate no matter the property’s demand or market value might be
  • Know if you’re buying or selling at the top market, bottom of the market, or somewhere in-between
  • Calculate your property’s exact current fundamental value in comparison to its current market value
  • Save years of unnecessary education and expense learning the concepts and techniques of investment analysis
  • Operate the most sophisticated investment analysis software used as a learning tool in the course
  • Position yourself with a distinct advantage in negotiating buying and selling opportunities
  • Calculate whether or not existing building improvements should be remodeled or torn down
  • Print automated detailed and understandable analysis reports indicating all DCF’s, graphics, charts, tables, value timelines and forecasts to prove your investment analysis, resulting values, and associated hidden risks
  • Print out an investment analysis game plan before you purchase of what financial expectations to expect during your ownership
  • Recognize outstanding real estate opportunities and properties to stay away from
  • Receive a VCS (Valuexpose Certified Specialist) Certification upon successful completion of the final exam
  • Learn how to optimize your profits using financing
  • Know exactly how much entrepreneurial profit you will make at each stage of a proposed development or remodeling project


  • This course will use Valuexpose cloud based software as a free learning tool that combines the concepts and techniques of investment analysis into a single hands on learning experience
  • Registered students will receive a login and password to their 60 day free personal Valuexpose account
  • No other course material or experience is necessary
  • No real estate education or experience needed
  • No software prerequisite experience needed (Excel, etc.)
  • Will only need a computer and access to the internet
  • A competitive desire to gain an advantage in the market place.

This course is for:

  • Novice or first time real estate investors wanting a shortcut around the necessary mastery of complex concepts and techniques needed before the investment analysis can begin
  • Developers, remodelers, flippers, wholesalers, speculators of commercial or residential properties
  • Realtor’s that want a listing and selling edge
  • Property owners interested in property tax appeals
  • Lawyers specializing in valuation issues and litigation
  • Bankers and lenders interested n protecting themselves from inevitable bubbles
  • Asset managers for mark-to-market requirements
  • Brokers that want to perform BPO’s (Broker Price Opinions)
  • Educators and students that want to accelerate their learning objectives
  • Bank examiners to better determine the hidden risks of bank portfolios
  • Secondary market participants that buy mortgages loans and need to evaluate any hidden risks before they commit
  • Bond rating companies (Moody’s and S & P type players) to evaluate hidden risks
  • Appraiser’s, CCIM’s, Valuation experts wanting to automate their practice and provide clients additional services
  • Valuexpose learning tool is currently programed for four of the 13 property classifications (Residential, Office, Retail, and Industrial). If you are looking for investment analysis regarding a property type in one of the remaining nine property classifications, i.e., Hospitality, Special Purpose, Business Enterprise, etc., then you should not take this course. However, keep checking with us as we add these additional property classifications to the Valuexpose software. When your classification has been programed, you will be able to see the available property types within that property classification