38 Java String-Related Techniques Making Your Life Easier


Working with strings is not as simple as it sounds. It can get from simple to very complex and frustrated, especially for inexperienced developers.

In this course, I want to exclusively focus on guiding different techniques that you might often encounter during daily programming tasks.

The course is a collection of more than 38 string related methods that support you in developing java applications with less painful and effort. No matter what kinds of applications you are building: desktop applications, web applications, or mobile applications, string manipulations are inevitable.

At the end of this course, you will be able to use different kinds of methods on proceeding string related requirements more easily and effectively with less overhead.

String manipulation is actually a wide topic. But after completing the course, I believe you should have solid and fundamental skills in processing strings and you can use those methods presented in the course to solve almost all common string related tasks.


Information you will get:

  • Format a string with desired appearance
  • Format decimal numbers based on locale or with customized format
  • Format data times based on locale or with customized format
  • Manipulate strings with built-in Java APIs
  • Manipulate strings with Apache Commons Lang


  • Students who take this course should have basic levels in Java language
  • The course uses Netbeans 8 IDE running on JDK 8. These are freely downloaded
  • The course uses a third-party library: Apache Commons Lang. The library is freely downloaded

This course is for:

  • Developers who want to master string manipulating skills
  • Developers who want to know different and flexible ways when working with strings
  • Developers who want to apply the Apache Commons Lang to save time and effort