Organise and Run Effective Meetings


Anyone who has attended a meeting that went on for too long or achieved very little will know the frustration. We all have busy lives and being able to conduct a productive and effective meeting is important to all.

If you’ve been tasked with organising, chairing or taking the minutes for a meeting, and you need it to be a success, then this course is for you.

My team and I have put this short course together to provide you with the information, templates and techniques you need to run an effective meeting.

The curriculum includes:

  • The preparations and planning for your meeting
  • An explanation of meeting roles and responsibilities for the Chairperson, Secretary and participants
  • Finalising the meeting outcomes and preparing the minutes
  • Quizzes and reflection activities to test and apply your knowledge
  • Fillable Agenda and Minutes templates to use at your next meeting.


Information you will get:

  • Determine the purpose and type of meeting required
  • Prepare and distribute an Agenda and supporting documents
  • Record and prepare the Minutes of the meeting
  • Understand the role of the Chairman and Secretary in an effective meeting
  • Use techniques for keeping the meeting on track and achieving its objectives.


  • No previous experience or equipment is required for this course.

This course is for:

  • Business professionals who need to organise and run a successful meeting.
  • Members of community groups who want to organise and run effective group meetings.