MATLAB and Digital Image Processing


Join the Course only IF:

  • Looking Systematic approach to the Subject
  • Programming is a problem.
  • Not just Theory but Practicals works for you.
  • Need comprehensive and detailed toolbox idea
  • can’t spend more than a cost of book
  • looking for Inside OUT approach in which you can create something on your own with Basics intact.


In the end you will be able to:

  • Perform operations on Images.
  • Easily able to Manipulate, Code and Play with Images.
  • You will be able to optimise your own codes.
  • You will be efficient to work on MATLAB
  • Finally you will be able to use Image Processing Toolbox efficiently.



  • You will get all the MATLAB codes written by me and shown in Tutorial absolutely free!
  • We will also be developing an Applications at the end of the course! (to bring Learning into Practical).
  • that’s not it – I will be uploading more applications in the coming weeks and Months.

You will also develop skill to program and develop your own way of processing Images.

You will learn all the standard methods and techniques used Globally.


Information you will get:

  • Will able to know how Images work
  • Learn not just MATLAB commands but also MAKE your “OWN CODES “
  • Apply concepts in “Image Acquasition and Image Editing Apps(” if your going making them”)
  • Build Apllication – starting with Stand Alone Application for Image Presets
  • and many more application …yet to come !!


  • MATLAB installed or One can learn concepts and use other Plateforms
  • Basic level Programming like looping etc. (but will be explained in the COURSE)

This course is for:

  • Who want to know how Images Work
  • Who want to learn step by step
  • Who want to know how presets are designed
  • Who want to know how Pixlr and Litely app works
  • want to take image processing to new level