3D Book Covers and Product Marketing Mockups Using BoxShot 4


Boxshot 4 is a Windows PC based software product that produces 3D mock ups of virtual products. A product that you wish to sell online need not physically exist for you to create a life like 3D image of the product.

Boxshot supports 3D components including books, CDs, CD cases, DVD and computer monitors. All components can be easily skinned (e.g. wrapped in a book cover) to cause the component to display as any component of your product (e.g. book or CD). Create an image composed of multiple product components arranged in a 3D space and then render the image to produce JPEG or PNG output.

Boxshot simply and easily allows you to take advantage of the following capabilities:

  • Add image components to a 3D space
  • Skin each component with simple graphics to represent your product
  • Arrange visual components and change the camera angle to your liking
  • Render 72 dpi images at up to 1024 pixels in length or width
  • Add lighting, shadows, reflections and backgrounds to your image

Boxshot 4 is a simple yet powerful tool for rendering 3D mock ups of online virtual products for sale online.


Information you will get:

  • Use Boxshot 4 to easily create 3D book covers
  • Use Boxshot 4 to easily create other 3D product mock ups


  • Windows PC

This course is for:

  • Anyone selling an online virtual product
  • Anyone needing 3D virtual product mock ups