Beginners Guide to Real Estate Property Investing


Discover the essential concepts and information on investing in real-estate property, and how you can start earning yourself a sustainable income. This educational course introduces the essential concepts and information on investing in property. Providing an overview of the types of property, particularly in Australia.

Also where and when to invest, financing, types of deals to look for, and opportunities for growing wealth. This course is aimed at those who want to start out in property investment, either part-time, or as a full time strategy. Although those already in the know-how might also benefit from the reinforcement of baseline knowledge. Instead of reading hundreds of books, this course will fast-track your knowledge with short bursts of information, at your own pace, whenever you want. Easy as…


Information you will get:

  • Be confident in real-estate property investment
  • Take action in building your wealth
  • Understand property investment lingo
  • Know when, where, and what to buy
  • Plan to earn additional income


  • Just this course is needed to get started in your investment journey

This course is for:

  • Beginners starting out in property investments
  • Those who want to invest in their future
  • Part/full-time workers
  • Those looking to build wealth and grow their asset base