Ultimate Facebook CHATBOT Course: Talk to a Billion users!


The Ultimate Facebook CHATBOT Course teaches the exciting Facebook Chatbot Platform in a simple and easy to understand manner so that you can create your own “intelligent” chatbots. Learn the tricks to teach the bots to understand user emotions, add powers of perception and sentiment analysis. Learn to give these chatbots an interesting human personality and engage your users or customers in a cool manner!

The focus is on practical usage of this exciting technology, so that you can create your own chatbots as well as become champions in this most sought-after skill in today’s world.

In addition to the planning, testing and building of chatbots, the course guides you so that your bot does not get rejected or blacklisted by Facebook.  Learn how to prepare for and succeed in the app review process by the FB chatbot team and how to get approval fast!

The Chatbots technology coupled with over a billion people on Facebook’s platform make an irresistible combination for businesses all over the world. This has ushered in the onset of a new revolution and huge opportunities for the developer community.  The FB chatbot platform just being released in mid-2016 its early adopters will have huge potential for growth. It is a level playing field for all developers at this time with its leaders yet to be defined on merit, for this multi-billion dollar opportunity.

Sign up today for an exciting and rewarding journey in your career and business.  Hope to see you grow as one of those early trailblazers in this exciting skill!


Information you will get:

  • Learn how to create “intelligent” chatbots on Facebook
  • Learn the full Facebook chatbot platform potential, its technical stack and its various toolsets
  • Make your bots understand human emotions and add powers of perception and sentiment analysis
  • Learn how to give a personality to your chatbot, and engage users or customers in a cool manner!
  • Learn how to prepare for and succeed in the app review process by the FB Chatbot team and get approval fast!
  • Learn how to keep enhancing and making your chatbots wiser and more effective over time


  • Should have a Facebook account!
  • Should have a computer. Any OS is fine: mac, windows, linux

This course is for:

  • No prior coding experience is needed. Step-by-step process for beginners in all aspects
  • The language used is PHP for demo, because visually and logically it is easier to follow. You can easily modify it to work for your favorite coding environment: nodejs, python, java, dotnet, ruby, perl etc
  • Also useful for business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing managers as a good base to learn the vast potential FB chatbots have for your business & creating a sales pipeline in this exciting new field!