PMI®-Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP®) Certification


In this course, you will find lessons containing overviews of various project scheduling practices and strategies that you will need to pass PMI-SP certification exam. in addition to some other information that will help you in your practical life such as required accredited techniques to review the project schedule .

Course Content :

Section 1: Introduction

Course Introduction

Section 2: Basic Concepts 

To be familiar with some essential terms that will be used frequently during this course such as Project , organization , Organizational structure , and Project life cycle

Section 3:  Schedule Mission Management

It contains the required steps , before going to the project schedule

Section 4:  Create the Schedule Management Plan

After getting familiar with our project , We will become ready to make a time schedule for this project , but first we should make a road map for our next steps

Section 5: Schedule Creation 

It contains the project Time Management Processes , such as  activity definition and sequencing, schedule development, and resource planning and management .

Section 6: Review the schedule

Practical guidelines to know if the project schedule has met the specifications or not .

Section 7: Schedule Analysis and Maintenance

Learn the preferred approach to applying status and changes to your project and understand how to analyze resulting impacts

Section 8: Schedule Communication/Reporting

Understand the benefits and applications of various project reports and how to interpret them. also how to create the necessary communication pieces to inform stakeholders.

Section 9: Final Review 

Tips and strategies for studying for the PMI-SP® Certification Exam


Information you will get:

  • Identify the components of the project scope documentation that drive the structure of your project schedule
  • Create effective schedule models that represent your project work and the dependencies between activities
  • Learn how to apply status and changes to your schedule to maintain an up to date view of schedule health
  • Gain the ability to identify potential schedule issues and learn methods to address them.
  • Create and understand various types of communication and reporting formats and the audience for each.
  • An opportunity to take a practice exam modeled after questions encountered on the PMI-SP® Certification Exam
  • Satisfy the 30 hour formal project management training requirement for PMI®’s PMI-SP® professional certification
  • Be comfortable with the examination format and typical question styles


  • A good working knowledge of project management, some experience managing projects and a basic understanding of the PMBOK Guide

This course is for:

  • Anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of concepts of schedule development and management through PMI standards and guidelines
  • Experienced Project Managers and Project Schedulers who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in the areas of schedule development and management