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Social SEO Improves Your Marketing Strategy

Why Social Media? Changes In SEO Trends
You might ask, “Why should I worry about social SEO so much?” If we know anything about SEO, it’s that trends change fast.

As the way users interact online changes, so does the way Google calculates SEO rankings. The following serve as SEO trends that highlight the importance of social SEO to your marketing efforts in the long-term.

1) The Traditional Website Is On Its Way Out
The increased use of mobile users threatens the staying power of the traditional website. Users prefer mobile app experiences to browser-based experiences.

Google introduced new means to stream apps and in-app content in 2015. This requires no download of the app on behalf of the user, further increasing the ease of use and instant access.

Social media is your saving grace as SEO rankings consider in-app content more and more. Invest in your social media presence on platforms like Facebook to guard against falling victim to this trend shift.

2) Predictive Search
When predictive search came onto the search engine scene, its impact frightened marketers who thought it would make keyword targeting difficult.

The reality? Google’s predictive search uses a user’s current location, search history, and more to offer search results. This process requires a change in SEO from keywords and phrases into actual engagement.

Social media plays a huge role in your companies success with predictive search. The more your audience interacts with your social media presence, the more opportunity to engage and gather relevant feedback.

3) Social Media Transforms The Way We Interact And The Content We Seek
By now, it’s no surprise that social media changes the way we interact as individuals and with companies. Users get smarter about the content they consume via social media every day and they consume a lot of content via social media.

45% of the people in the United States receive their news from Facebook.

As such, the content will change. Companies need to produce personalized, interactive content that covers a wide range of relevant topics on social media platforms.

As you can see, social SEO is important for a number of reasons but how does social SEO work to improve your overall marketing strategy? Let’s discuss the ways social SEO works for you!